Bisbee Fishing Tournaments 2021 in Los Cabos

As a result, the fishing tournaments and events in Cabo Private Transportation Services in San Lucas are some of the most prestigious in the entire world. As seasoned anglers, you can take part in these competitions to compete with other anglers and enhance your fishing skills.

Newcomers to the sport can take advantage of fishing contests as a way to learn more about fishing, make new connections, and develop friendships with other anglers.

When it comes to catching that million-dollar fish, Cabo San Lucas is the place to be. We’ve compiled a list of some of this year’s best fishing competitions. Just keep in mind that some of these events may only be available to club members.

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Pelagic Triple Crown Fishing Summer Slam 

The Triple Crown of Pelagic Fishing All-star teams and first-timers compete in the Summer Slam, which takes place annually. They compete to see who can haul in as many billfish or game fish as possible. Teams can expect to receive over $200,000 in cash and prizes.

Bisbee’s East Cape Off The Shores 

From its inception in 2000, the Bisbee’s East Cape Off-Shore Tournament has become one of the world’s most popular fishing contests. When it comes to big fish like tuna, blue marlin, black marlin and sailfish, as well as dorado, it’s a top choice for dedicated anglers. However, it’s also noted for its inviting and friendly atmosphere, which honors the spirit of ancient Cabo fishing methods.

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament 

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is regarded as one of the country’s most prestigious fishing competitions. Best renowned for drawing world-class Cabo Private Transportation Services fisherman, some of whom travel from as far away as Finland, Austria, Italy, and Papua New Guinea to visit. Big-money awards, as well as other rewards, are included in the prize pool’s sizable amount. There has even been a recordset of over $800,000.

Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore 

As a result of its lower entry fees, the Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament is more accessible to a larger spectrum of anglers. If you catch the heaviest tuna, marlin or dorado in the qualifier, you’ll win big prizes at “Little Bisbee’s.” Cash and other awards got awarded more than a million dollars in the previous year’s competition.

Bisbee’s Black and Blue Martin Tournaments 

When the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin fishing tournament is advertised as the “World Richest Tournament,” it attracts anglers and teams of Cabo private transportation services from around the world who want to win big. Over 4 million dollars was given in 2006 for a single fish, setting a record in sportfishing history. Participants pay exorbitant entry fees each year to catch the prize-winning marlin.

Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot 

When it comes to winning the Cabo Tuna Jackpot, it’s all about “fishing hard and partying harder.” Over two days, teams will compete for tuna, dorado, and wahoo (collectively known as gamefish). Expect tight competition from seasoned anglers as well as newbies. More than a million dollars in prizes are given away every year, so there’s a lot on the line.

Again, you’re excited about participating in the Cabo San Lucas Fishing Tournaments 2021.

All participants are encouraged to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. So, after one vessel’s crew catches the winning fish, good sportsmen/women applaud that team and then set out to find another one.

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